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RoboHero is a tactical mobile game created to bridge the worlds of entertainment and blockchain. It is designed for both Web2 and Web3 players. The action unfolds in the post-apocalyptic metaverse 31337, where warring robot factions battle for resources. Players choose one of the factions - ETER, DEUTER, or PLASMA - and a character class - Tank, Shooter, or Sniper. Each class is characterized by a different fighting style and statistics. The player's task is to defeat the opponent in a duel by inflicting more damage or by taking control of the majority of buildings on the map.

Game details

RoboHero offers the possibility of combat in both PVE (Player vs. Environment) and PVP (Player vs. Player) modes. In the story mode, players battle artificial intelligence. In PVE, the algorithm precisely matches opponents at a similar level of advancement, with rewards in the form of $ROBO tokens.

The game includes numerous NFT implementations, such as lands, billboards, mines, robots, and items. In addition to the opportunity to earn rewards by winning battles, there is also the option of generating passive income in the game by becoming a landlord and collecting commissions from duels held on your property, renting billboards to advertisers, or mining valuable minerals and selling them on the marketplace.

RoboHero also features a meticulously designed character development system in which characters gain experience in battles and, upon meeting specific conditions, evolve to acquire increasingly better statistics.

Entry into the 31337 metaverse does not require financial investments. We have created a "Watch-to-Earn" application that rewards users for watching ads with SCRAP points, which can be exchanged for in-game characters.

For our community, we have created two NFT collections. The RoboHero Genesis (1000 tokens) offers, among other things, periodic free premium game accounts, access to special Discord groups, and access to airdrops. The second, Survivors, is a PFP collection (8888 tokens) that provides designer robot avatars that can be set as profile pictures on social media profiles, in-game bonuses, character skins, collector awards, and much more.

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